Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Morning

The kids actually slept in . . . until 7:00. I thought they would sleep a little longer given the day they had on Saturday. I did have to go wake Michael up for the egg hunt or there wouldn't have been any eggs saved for him. The kids were so cute and excited. They didn't notice the eggs spread around the house for quite awhile so Michael actually got to sleep until about 7:30.

Anthony, Daddy and Annie


Jaileigh looks a little puzzled.

Happy with her new necklace

Anthony was really excited. He is my little sweet tooth man.

The girls.

Annie was so fast at getting the eggs. She started right as soon as she noticed them.

Michael made a pile in the middle of the living room because his bucket was full.

Jaileigh wasn't as fast as the boys or Annie at getting eggs. She found this one on the vacuum and was really excited.



He dumped his grass out so that he could fit all his eggs in.

Then we had to hurry and get ready for 9:00 church. Busy morning.

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