Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Perret Park

I took the kids to Lake Elsinore on Monday. We visited Perret Park beach.  Perret Park is located in Lakeland Village but along the shores of Lake Elsinore. For all you locals and some nonlocals you know how gross Lake Elsinore is. The water is green! I brought all of their beach toys because I was hoping to keep them out of the lake.

That plan lasted about 2 minutes.

Then the clothes started coming off. I did bring swim suits but no one was interested.


Michael and Anthony stripped down to their undies.


Wild man Jake.

Michael and his bat go everywhere.

Jake threw one of the beach toys, a boat, way out in the lake then wanted me to get it. There was NO way I was going to swim in that cold and green water so we watched it float away. They are still asking me to go and get the boat. Even Annie is upset because the little boat is gone.

Annie, Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael and Jake

All of a sudden they were all cold so we changed and played in the sand some more. They have a little park there that is really cute too so we had to play on that awhile. Then we had to get home to daddy who was waiting patiently.

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