Monday, April 23, 2012

Western Science Center Museum

We recently visited the Western Center for Paleontology and Archaeology. They had a dinosaur exhibit that I thought the kids would enjoy. Everyone liked it but Jaileigh. She wanted to leave the whole time. She didn't like the loud dinosaurs. Really, the whole museum was a little old for the kids but we made it work. 5 and under are free and adults are $8. We will probably continue to visit it because overall it was a good experience.

The group before heading in.
Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, Michael

Michael playing the dinosaur game.



Michael is the only one I could get to stand by the dinosaur.

Driving the bus.

Building a house.

Michael reading a dinosaur book.

Jaileigh happy.


The quads in the bus.

Michael, Anthony, and Jake

Scared Jaileigh. She wanted to leave so badly. I had to hold her hand the whole time.

Making fossils.
Jake and Annie



Jaileigh, still scared.



There was a park nearby that we went to after and ate our lunch.

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