Thursday, April 5, 2012


Our Las Vegas quad friends were in town and we were planning to meet them at Disneyland. We actually didn't end up meeting them because they got sick. :( We still got to go to Disneyland though. Everytime we go the kids love it more and more. I did not do a good job of taking pictures this trip. There were so many moments that I didn't capture. My favorite was when Jake and Jaileigh met Bert and Mary Poppins. The other kids were sleeping so I took those two over. The line to meet them was closed so we just stood to the side and I let them watch. They absolutely LOVE Mary Poppins and Bert. When Mary and Bert were finished with the line they walked over to Jake and Jaileigh and talked to them and gave them hugs. Jake and Jaileighs faces were priceless, their smiles were so big!

Looking at Snow White and the 7 dwarf statues.

The statues.

Riding the horses.
Michael and Anthony


It's A Small World

The tea cups.

Michael rode with me.

The kids love the Dumbo ride but it is really hard to coordinate all 7 of us. You can only have 3 in a Dumbo at a time. We can get away with 4 only if Annie is in a carrier. I forgot my carrier so we were stuck. The workers told us at first that we could all ride together and then they changed their minds. They worked it out that Anthony and Michael could ride alone. I was not happy with that, 2 three year olds alone on a ride that but we did it. I rode with Annie, Mike rode with Jaileigh and Jake, and Michael and Anthony rode alone. Next time I won't forget the carrier!

The parade was one of the highlights of the day.

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