Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Pictures

Taking pictures of kids is definitely an art.  The more group photos I try to get the more I am learning how hard it is. Also, usually your first few photos are the keepers. After the first couple of clicks my kids go downhill.

The best picture I got with all of them smiling in Jake is holding his Easter bucket.  

Michael, Annie, Jake, Jaileigh, Anthony

Jaileigh told me this is her getting married dress. She thinks that getting married is an activity that you do for fun, like shopping. She asks me why I don't get married everyday. I need a little short sleeve sweater to go over her dress but could not find one anywhere. This lucky lady is the only one to get an Easter outfit. I don't know how she worked that.

The boys- Michael, Anthony and Jake

The girls- Annie and Jaileigh

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