Friday, April 13, 2012

Mr. Joe's Farm & Sweet Caroline

Caroline came to visit us and we went to Mr. Joe's Farm. It was so much fun to have her come.

Sweet Caroline with Anthony, Jakob, Michael and Annie

 These babies were less than 12 hours old. They were so cute.

This is hard to see but there is a peacock in full display. Beautiful!

Paco the Alpaca- Check out those buck teeth.

The Bactrian (2 humps) camel

Checking out the other alpacas and the llama.

Bubbles, the cat, caught some lunch (a squirrel).

Jake looking in the chicken coop for eggs.

Michael and Jaileigh looking for eggs.

The donkeys.

Lunar and Star the cows.

Jaileigh told Caroline that these were zebra chickens and Rori would like them because she really likes zebras. She also told her I had to take a picture for Rori.

Playing on the rocks.

Jumping to Caroline.

We went to a park close to our house to eat our picnic lunch.

Jakob said it was not a park because there wasn't a playground. ha ha. He was right, it was just a soccer field with picnic tables.

There were trees to climb.

Anthony and Michael

Anthony and Jaileigh

Caroline played soccer with them.

She also helped them climb the trees.

Stacy from Joe's farm gave us eggs. The ones on the left are chicken eggs, the carton on the right are duck eggs and the 2 big ones are goose eggs.

You can see the difference in size here. The left brown chicken egg is the size of a jumbo egg that you would buy in the store.

Today's visit was bittersweet. It was so sweet to see Caroline but it will be her last visit for 7 months. She and her husband will be serving a mission for our Church in Denver Colorado. We are so sad to go but the people of Denver will be so lucky to have her. 7 months will fly by too! We will be counting down the months and days! We love you!

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