Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surfin' Balance Board Style

Mike's friend made this cool balance board for him to practice surfing on. The kids love it just as much as Mike does. We now have two of them, one for the kids and one for Mike. We bought the supplies at Lowes for around $40 for two boards. I just found a balance board like this on Amazon for $154. Crazy!


Dirty faced Annie

Jake is actually pretty good at it.

Group surf. These 3 love it the most.

Annie is going to boogie board instead.

Big cheesy grin from Jaileigh. Look at her right hand gripping Mike's shirt, a little nervous.

Daddy finally gets a turn.

1 comment: said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Love it!!!
We will have to make one ;)

Thank you for the sweet comment on the blog, I feel the same about you my friend!