Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt

Our community sponsored a free Easter Egg Hunt at one of our local parks. I was excited because I was thinking no one would be there, we live in a small town. What was I thinking? It was jam packed and so unorganized. We most likely will not be going again next year.

Daddy dropped us off and then went to find street parking. All the police officers helping with traffic thought the kiddies were so cute.

Eye-balling all the eggs.

The kids did have fun looking around. They had small crafts and jumpers to jump on, face painting, and the Easter bunny came. The lines for everything were so long that we didn't do too much.

They saw these jesters on stilts and thought there were pretty neat.

The Easter egg hunts were separated by age group. Annie went with the 0-2 kids and I got to help her. The parents in that group were pretty brutal and competitive. Some of the parents were sending their kids over the line before it started. It was pretty interesting to watch adults act like children.

The quads got to go with the 3-4 year olds. No parents were allowed in. It was pretty much a stampede of kids and parents though. I think my kids ended up with 2-3 eggs each. Jaileigh cried because I couldn't go with her so I told her to hold Jake's hand. Those two held hands the whole time and neither one of them got eggs. I snuck two eggs into their buckets from Annies.

This picture is of Jake and Jaileigh holding hands.

Here they are wandering back to us.
"Mommy, there's no eggs."

The group trying to find some eggs.

Anthony did ok on the hunt. He cleaned up compared to the rest. Michael found a duck and stood in the middle of the field yelling at me so that he could show me the duck. I finally had to sneak in to tell him that I could see him and his duck.

We went home in tears but with promises that the Easter bunny would visit them at their house.

We were also headed to a birthday party in San Capistrano so that helped cushion the eggless egg hunt a little.

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