Saturday, April 9, 2011

Window Peeking

Annie really wanted to go outside with the big kids but it was too cold for her.
Annie and Jaileigh

Since this post is all Annie I will do her 9 month milestones and stats.

Biggest one of all- SHE TOOK HER 1ST STEPS!
Has 3 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 1 snaggle tooth on top.
Is a tease. She teases her siblings like crazy. I can't believe she knows how to do this but she does!
Still weighs 22 lbs.
Wears 18 month clothes.
Does anything the quads does.
Loves food.
Especially loves Jakob right now.
Can climb up and down the stairs all by herself.
She knows what "No" is but doesn't like it. She will usually start crying.
Jabbers all the time.
Waves bye-bye.
Loves pat a cake and peek a boo.
Will play peek a boo with herself and giggles like crazy.
Knows what she wants and makes sure gets it.
Is always happy and smiling.

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