Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alone, At The Zoo

I admit it, I am a crazy woman! I took my 5 little children to the Wild Animal Park ALONE! We all survived and have some great stories to tell. Will I do it again? Probably :)

It was a little hard to get pictures since I was alone. The pictures I did get weren't too great but at least I did get some!

Looking at the Duiker, a deer like creature that walks funny.
Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony, Jake, and Michael

Anthony's Duiker face.

Eating lunch while waiting for the butterfly release. You had to get tickets to see the butterflies but they were free. They try to control how many people go in at a time.
Anthony and Jake

Michael was so proud of his leaf. He actually watched it fall out of the tree and then ran and picked it up.

Jaileigh and her sandwich that was really supposed to be mine. She wanted the BIG one though.

Jaileigh being silly in the planter.

I didn't get any pictures of the butterfly house. I accidentally left my camera in the choo-choo. You couldn't take strollers in so I bravely walked my 4 toddlers and carried my one baby in. Scary! They were really good. Held hands, stayed close, and didn't touch, until we came out. Then they were awful. I got lost on the way to the stroller parking and we went the wrong way. We wandered around for about 45 minutes looking for our choo-choo. Thank goodness I didn't lose anyone!

We saw these monkeys (Gibbons) and they really showed off for us. They were so cute.

Look how long their arms are!

We finally found our choo-choo. We got ice cream. I only bought two and that was a HUGE mistake, as you can tell by Michael's face. He screamed for 15 minutes until I finally gave in and bought another one. He took one taste and said "all done". I could have strangled him!

Jake in the play area

Anthony filled is diaper in this jeep. He thought it was hilarious, obviously. Because I had the 5 kids alone I had to find a corner and discreetly change Anthony. Crazy!

Jake climbing the elephant.


Jake, Jaileigh, and Anthony driving a Safari vehicle.

Annie enjoying herself.


Jake on the rhino's back. He was actually scared to be this high. I have never known Jake to be scared of heights before, EVER!

Playing on the rhino.
Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh

I had to pry them off the rhino, one by one, and strap them back into the choo-choo. While I was doing this they were screaming bloodcurdling screams and kicking. One lady, with 2 kids of her own, stopped and asked if I needed help. I told her it was just tantrum time and I would be fine. She laughed and said she understood.

We survived and the kids weren't too traumatized. They keep talking about the trip. It's amazing the details they can remember. They tell me everything over, and over, and over, and over again.

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