Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Kid Bikes

Mike's company has an incentive points program. He had accumulated so many points that it was time to use them. Mike found these cool balance bikes on his points program catalog and decided to get them for the kids. I was really excited, especially since they came in 4 colors that my kids love. They were also really easy to put together. It took us about 15 minutes to put all 4 together.

Anthony with his red bike

Jaileigh got pink

Michael got blue and Anthony again

Jake got a green bike

Annie didn't get a bike but she's happy just being outside. She's even happier when she has a shoe. This girl loves shoes! I hope she isn't another Imelda Marcos.

Jake (running), Anthony (red bike), Jaileigh (red shirt), Michael standing

Jake with a smile

Annie cruising around.

Sassy little girl

My boys have started wrestling. It's pretty funny to watch, until someone gets hurt.
Jake and Michael


Andrea said...

I hear those bikes are just amazing for little ones. Apparently you will probably just be able to transition to a 2-wheeler bike with no training wheels since they will already grasp the notion of balancing. How fun!

Big Girl Pants said...

Hey Chickie, What brand are these bikes? I need one for Brock but I can't find one that's not plastic here!

The McCleary Quads said...

Those bikes are pretty cool. We may have to get some of those for our kids.

The McCleary Quads

Amber said...

The bikes are great for balance! The brand is KaZam. Hope that helps. Good luck.