Friday, April 8, 2011

Moolah, Scratch, Dough, Bucks

C-note, Benjamin ($100), Jackson, twankie, double sawbuck ($20), sawbuck ($10), fin ($5), buck ($1) Bucks, bills, dollas, cash, paper, greenbacks, moolah, scratch, scrip (usually not legal tender), green, long green, cabbage, kale, lettuce, loot, dough, potatoes (pronounced puhtaytuhs), bread, bacon, clams, one large ($100), Fin (Five) Cheese, Cheddar

I am sure many of you wonder how we are able to do so many fun activities or better yet, how YOU can do so many fun activities. We just like the rest of the nation, are strapped for cash. We have 5 kids in diapers and 4 that drink milk like it is going out of style. Then you add in the clothes, the doctor appointments, food, gas, etc. You all know what it costs to raise a child. Anyway, my point for this entry is that YOU too can go on field trips. Almost everything we do is free or pretty darn cheap. Here are some ideas.

Always pack your own food.
To save gas money stay local. There really isn't a need to drive hours. Look in your own front yard. You could even walk.
We visit places that have free first time visits or that are just plain free. For example-
Feeding the horses= the cost of the carrots, really not necessary anyway.
Park= free and most towns and cities have more than one to try out.
Your local dairy= free
Feeding ducks= free
Wild donkeys= free
Sensory Time= free first time visit. They do have specials that are pretty cheap. When I first looked at their website I dismissed them because it seemed to expensive but I dug a little deeper.
Pet Store- once a week we try to go to a pet store. The kids get the pet fix and are entertained for an hour.
Go to the library=free and they have story time, puppet shows, etc
Go to the grocery store. We do this just to get out of the house!
Picnic (we have picnics in our yard too)
Local farmers markets are always free and entertaining
Plan a playdate with other multiples or non-multiples
Plan a park day with your local church or playgroup
Our Zoo pass was $70 or 80 for the year. We bought it and have used it. Don't buy passes unless you are going to use them! For our family of 7 that is pretty cheap and was worth it for us.

There are so many free things out there we just have to search for them. For my kids, they love everything. Really, who loves going to the grocery store other than a 2 year old? Granted I don't get my grocery shopping done (you have to remember a 2 year old is easily entertained and easily bored so keep moving), but my kids are happy for 30-40 minutes. Good luck to all you fellow field trippers. If you have any cool and budget friendly ideas, please share!

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Kari said...

We have gone to Burger King to play in the playroom there. There is a pool close by that is pay by donation so the 6 of us can swim for a couple hours for like $10.