Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happiest Place On Earth

Saturday before Easter we went to Disneyland. Karen came with us and boy, did we have fun! We saw Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey, Gepetto and Pinnochio. This was our best trip so far. The quads walked A LOT. They are getting better at walking and staying together. The weather was perfect, high 60's and the crowds were minimal.

Donald Duck!

We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sometimes so they were really excited to see all the characters.

Donald was really nice and cute with the kids. We weren't rushed. He said hi to all of them gave them high 5's fist bumps, pats on the heads.  Even Annie loved him.

I'm sure the people waiting in line behind us were wishing we would hurry up. It's hard to hurry 5 excited kids though.

Jake did NOT want to leave.

We rode the train around Disneyland for the first time. Michael said the dinosaur part was "Scary". He loves dinosaurs too.
Jake, Jaileigh, Big Mike, Little Mikey, Amber, Annie, Anthony

Looking at all the rocks while we were waiting on the train to start.
Anthony, Mikey, and Jake

I think this was the only picture I got of Karen. She always had at least two kiddos attached to her at all times. The whole train ride she had two sitting on her lap. Thanks for hanging out with us! 



Anthony eating lunch.

Michael snuck into the dessert. He is such a stinker about eating lately. He only wants to eat junk. I hope he grows out of this phase soon.

Jake enjoyed his chicken-ka-bob

Sweet Jaileigh

My chunk of chocolate Annie Bananie

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Sara Ann said...

I just read a bunch of posts, your kids are darling! It is so fun to see them grown up and I laughed out loud when you commented that Jake wanted to hold Annie even though she could probably hold him haha:)