Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

The Zoo! We love the zoo! My kids want to go to the zoo everyday! They absolutely love it. The are getting so good at walking it too. We can almost leave our strollers home and take a single stroller for Annie. Almost!

I dressed the kids in summer clothes because it was warm at our house and by the time we got to the zoo it was freezing. Good thing I packed warm clothes! We added their layers on in the car and then headed in.

Jaileigh, Jakob, Michael, and Anthony

Annie and Daddy`

This giraffe was a week old.

The rhinos! They were sleeping according to the kids.

Looking at the zebra and the donkey. For some reason they were together.

The flamingos.
Michael and Jaieligh

Jake and the flamingos.

Anthony and Michael watching the wild hog.

Jake eating a snack while checking out the wild hog. I was nervous he was going to share his cracker.

The wild hog. Bad picture but you can kind of see how gross and hairy he was.

Jake climbed up for a better view. I only let him do this because other parents were letting their children.

"Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, eating all the gum drops he can see. . . ."
My kids love this song so they were really excited to see a real Kookaburra.

Anthony reading up about the kookaburra.


Jaileigh and Jake playing on the tractor

Anthony and Jake digging up fossils

Jake having a quiet moment

Annie wanted to walk really, really bad.

Jaileigh and Daddy looking at the camels

ahhhh, so sweet

Turtle time. There was a turtle the size of a fifty cent piece and then the mommy turtle close by.
Jake, Michael, and Anthony

Jaileigh was too tired to walk anymore.

The elephant.  This area has a "thunderstorm" that we got caught in. Mike and I thought it was real because the day was so cool. We figured out it wasn't when only a small area was getting wet.

I hate snakes but my kids seem to like them. Here is a rattler that we saw on our way out.

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