Saturday, April 16, 2011

Early Easter Visit

Bill and Gina came to visit Thursday and brought the kids Easter baskets filled with Easter goodies. Oh boy! Michael was excited about getting to crack the eggs open all by himself. They love helping me cook but I never let them crack the eggs, they just get to hold the eggs until I crack them. So this was a real treat for him.

Gina is helping Jake blow his bubbles. Even Annie got a basket full of treats.

Bill, Anthony, and Michael built a really big tower. They wanted a picture before they knocked it over.

Michael hiding in the block box.

Burying Jake now.

Peek A Boo Anthony.

Anthony, Jake, and Jaileigh buried.

Michael, Anthony, Jake, and Jaileigh

The kids always have so much fun when Bill and Gina come! Thanks for coming!

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