Friday, April 1, 2011

SeNsOrY TiMe

There is the neatest place, in our neighboring city, called Sensory Time.   Here is the description from their website.

"SensoryTime is a Multi-sensory, therapeutically designed Child Development Center for special needs children and all children.  Playing in this type of environment can assist children to better develop their sensory processing skills, fine and gross motor skills, as well as their emotional and social skills."

This center was so much fun! We hope to visit often.

They had this cool climbing mountain that, of course, my kids LOVED!


Michael and Jake

Even Annie loved it.

Michael and Anthony


Jaileigh on the slide.

Jaileigh taking a short breather on the bean bag

Our friends the Fiore's came with us.
Audrina and Jake

This room was really neat. It was dark and the walls were painted blue. One of the walls was mirrored and the water and fish tubes along with a spotlight made a really neat atmosphere. It was very relaxing.

There was a light table in the room too.
Jake and his crazy hair that needs cut

The room also had this train table.
Michael and Annie

This lawnmower caused many fights. Brutal fist, biting, scratching fights.
Michael happy he has control of it for a minute.

I loved this "toy". It was a huge innertube with bars to hang on to so you could jump really high.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Audrina, Michael

You can see how high Michael and Anthony are jumping. The kids had so much fun on this. Annie wanted to join in too.

Jaileigh rolling in a barrel

Annie loved the lawnmower just as much as the quads. She ran all over the place with it.

There were two trampolines.
Jaileigh, Anthony and Michael

Anthony played basketball with the squishy ball

Anthony and the rocking horse.

The boys on the swing, swinging each other.

Anthony and Jake

Somehow Jaileigh got talked into pushing Anthony.

Jaileigh trying to figure out this crazy car. I think she was too little to fit in the seat correctly.

Annie with a rainstick.

Annie had so much fun. She cruised all over. I had a hard time keeping up with her.

Towards the end of our visit they turned on the bubble machine.

Bubbles, bubbles. bubbles

Jake and the bubbles. I didn't get too many pictures of Jake. I think it was because he was running all over the place. He couldn't sit still, he was sooooo excited.

Jaileigh and the bubbles.

Michael, Jake, and Jaileigh

Jake and Jaileigh

Annie climbing up the slide. She was setting a bad example for all the younger kids. There was another little boy that kept trying to do it too. His mom wouldn't let him. I apologized and told her that Annie had older siblings that taught her naughty things. She didn't even think it was funny.

Anthony and Jake on another cool toy.

Anthony taking a rest. He played on this car for quite awhile. He was kneeling on his knees because he was too tall for it.

Jaileigh following Annie up the slide. Annie does actually get all the way to the top by herself. This girl is amazing.

Big cheesy grin.

Annie and Jaileigh

Sweet, sweet sisters!

I hope we will be back many times to this fabulous place.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

What a cool place!!! So many of the kids I work with would benefit so much from a place like that! WOW!! THe kids looked like they had a ball!!! Sure hoping to make it to California sometime this year! Hope to see you two and the kids!!