Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Pictures

Anthony and Jake holding hands, heading to the Easter baskets.

Anthony and Jake

Annie liked her basket and everyone elses too.

Jake and Jaileigh


Coloring in their new P.J.'s
Anthony, Jake, and Michael

Jaileigh in her new P.J.'s and a cheesy grin.

Michael with green marker on for lipstick.

On Monday the weather was so nice that I let the kids play in the water outside.
Anthony and Jake

Michael joined the other two boys and they all decided to take off their wet clothes.

Jaileigh joined in the fun too but she didn't like getting wet.

Annie didn't like getting wet either but liked playing with the shovels.

Annie showing her new teeth.

Jaileigh giving a funny look to someone.

Eating her mac n cheese and corn in style. I love how she puts her foot up.

Jaileigh was so excited I was going to turn the jumper on.

Jake was excited too!

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