Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quads in Chairs/Stackers and Play Doh

I originally bought these chairs for Easter but Mike broke them out one day while babysitting. The kids love them. Annie loves them the most though. She loves that she can climb in and out all by herself. Daddy took this picture while he was babysitting. I escaped for a long overdue pedicure.
Michael (reading), Anthony, Jakob, Jaileigh, and Annie

Annie and Anthony playing with the stacker pegs. They love these.

Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael and Jaileigh

Lately, play doh has been a big hit at our house. Last week they wanted to play with it every day and sometimes twice a day.



Even Annie likes it. She usually tries to taste it so I have to watch her very carefully.

Jake and his innocent look

Annie loves corn!

Look how excited she is!

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The Krol Family said...

Aww we love stacker pegs too, they are so fun!! Can't believe how big Annie is she's so cute!!