Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

 What was I thinking? What a crazy idea that I had LAST year! I bought the dye last year and never used it. I saved it and brought it out this year. I think we will wait another 5 or 10 years before doing that again. Actually it wasn't that bad. Jaileigh spilled her pink dye but that was the only casualty we had. The kids seemed to enjoy it too. We did this the day we went to Disneyland so the kids were a little tired and not too rambunctious.

Jake with his orange dye in the green bucket. He loves the color orange.

Michael being silly.

Jaileigh before the spill. She still has her pink dye in her orange bowl.

Jake pulling his egg out.

Anthony has yellow. He loves red and orange but yellow made him happy too.

Michael has blue. That is his favorite color.

It looks like Jaileigh tried to drink her dye but its just marker. They were coloring before we dyed eggs.

After all that work a nice crisp apple on the couch.
Anthony and Michael

Annie wanted to be part of the fun too.

So we put her in her chair and gave her an apple to chew on. She thought that was really funny, I guess.

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