Saturday, April 2, 2011

Megha and Kiwi

After Sensory Time we went home, napped, and Megha and Karen came over for a visit. The quads can say Megha's name perfectly and they call Karen "Kiwi". Anthony actually tries to roll the "r" when he says it and I can't even type what that sounds like.
Karen with Jake and Anthony
You can tell how much they love her.


Annie enjoying the booger getter as a teething tool.

Michael put his pirates booty in the cup-thing and then couldn't get his hand in so he resorted to "drinking" it.

Karen and Annie

Love the look Jaileigh-bug.
Karen. Megha, and I were talking about how lucky she is to be able to walk around like this. Not a care in the world.

Scandalous! Megha helping Jake look at the neighbor's pool.

I remember a similar picture at Disneyland! Anthony loves Karen and her shoulder rides. Good thing she is patient because he always restyles her hair.

Avoiding bedtime.
Megha and Jaileigh.

Here are some pictures I took from today. They have so much fun outside.
Is he a lefty?

Or is he a righty?

Anthony and Jaileigh digging together.

Michael with his bucket of dirt. I love the wind blowing his hair.

Cute Jake with the other boys in the background.

Michael and Anthony digging away. I really didn't know dirt was this much fun!

My beautiful little girl, Jaileigh bug.

The boys club.
Jake is looking back to see if I'm watching. I'm sure he was about to do something naughty.

Jakob, Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh

Jake brought Annie a toy from inside the house.

Annie likes to play in the dirt too!

Jake into SOMETHING! If he's not into something, then something is definitely wrong!

Annie loves to be praised for walking. She even claps for herself.

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Big Girl Pants said...

Amber! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have had a blast looking through your cute pictures. I was trying to figure out if you knew I was your parents' neighbor or how you found me. I was dying when your babies were staying with your mom and I couldn't go get them (right after they were born), but I had a little one that was always sick, so I was on the "Do Not DIsturb" List. I'm still trying to figure this blog stuff out, I have no idea how to blog, how to make it cute, or put music on I appreciate the support!