Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Bull Wars!

We went to the Bull Wars after our family BBQ. This was my kids first time at a rodeo.
My cousin Casey riding a bull.
And he fell off.
My dads brother, sister and sister in law were at the parade and the Bull Wars. It was so fun to see them too.
Jaileigh and Annie with Aunt Julie (my dad's sister).
Lined up at the fence. I couldn't fin Michael's sweatshirt so he got to wear my jacket.
Jaileigh, Annie, Michael and Jake
My sweet Anthony.
At the beginning of the Bull War's we lost Jakob. Mike, Rori and I were all walking in together with the kids. We stopped at a section of bleachers so I could call my aunt to see where she was sitting. After I hung up I gathered up 3 of the kids and headed over to her section. I just thought Rori or Mike would get the other two. They must have thought that I had Jake because he got left. It took me about 5 minutes before I realized he was missing. Mike and I took off in the middle of the national anthem to try to find him. We found him wandering around looking for us. Poor kid! We had a talk about what to do if you are lost (find a police man or a Grandma). My first time losing a child! I hope it's my last.

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