Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Forever Friends

When Mike and I first got married we met this fun couple in our first ward together, Karmann and Ryan. Mike instantly friended them because Karmann was from Chicago and Ryan served his mission there. Then he introduced them to me. We have remained friends over the years despite both of us moving away from Vegas. They are now back in Vegas though and we need to start stopping to visit them on our way to Utah.
They came to visit in August right before the kids started school. They played with the kids all evening and then stayed up late catching up with Mike and I. Karmann is pregnant with her 1st baby and we are so excited for them!
August 2013
I included a couple pictures from previous visits. You can see how much the kids have grown.
In 2012 about a week before we moved to our new house.
In 2009 right before their 1st birthday.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

LOVE!!!!! I am glad that we at least try to see you guys once a year! I am hoping that this year can be a little more than 1x!!! I miss you Amber and just love love love you guys!!!! Love seeing all the pictures of kindergarten and everything they are doing!!! Your miracles make me smile!!!