Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2X A Failure

We have tried sleeping outside twice and failed both times miserably. The first time was on our trampoline.

Then we borrowed a tent from Grandpa Pops.

Jake was afraid the mosquitos were going to get him.
I guess we aren't going to be tent sleepers. . . . .  yet!
Funny, funny, funny girl. Jaileigh got out the yoga mat and started exercising. It was so hilarious I videoed it on my phone. I was cracking up while I was trying to video. My phone crashed a week ago and I lost everything from June, July and August. My backup assisant and memory cards didn't record any of it. I am so sad! Anyway, this video was filmed with my new phone so I have it! Hooray! I will post it soon. Here is a sneak peak to the entertainment.

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