Friday, August 16, 2013

Duck Pond and Dairy

I had to return some preschool stuff to one of our old ECI teachers and so I told the kids we would stop at the duck pond. Temecula has a park with a huge pond that has ducks and turtles. People are allowed to fish in it too.
We had to climb the fence to get in. For some reason all the gates were locked even though the park was open.
Annie, Michael, Jakob, Jaileigh and Anthony
Peek-A-Boo Michael
This statue has an interesting story. It was donated to America after 9/11 by another Asian country (can't remember which, not Japan though). It is a mother on a bicycle with her two children pedaling them in the rain, they all have umbrellas. They said she is like America, we take a beating but just keep pedaling despite the rain and the extra loads we carry.
Michael on the bicycle tire.

 I brought a loaf of bread and a bag of rolls for the kids to feed the ducks.  They went through both very quickly!
Jaileigh, Jake and Anthony
Annie and Michael
Jake and Michael with a duck at their feet.
Annie on her perch.

Anthony and Michael

Some of the ducks.
They found another statue to climb.
Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob and Anthony
With Annie on the feet.
After the duck pond we went to Albertsons for some lunch and then to the dairy to feed the animals. It was a busy day and we still fit in a nap!

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