Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keeping Cool & Making Memories

We do many things to keep cool. One of them is play in the hose in our underwear.

This picture makes me laugh. You can definitely pick out the kid that doesn't belong to the DeMaria family (the glow stick).  My kids got really lucky and blessed and ended up with their daddies Italian skin.
I am part of a few moms of multiples groups on facebook and yesterday one of the moms posted something that really made me think. She said that her step-father past away this past weekend and she was reminiscing about the past. She said he was the "cool" grandparent. He was always breaking the rules and pushing her limits. He kept the kids up 12-2am when they were just 3, he let them eat bowls of sugar, he let them play violent video games, he taught them how to drive when they were just 7, he rode scooters down scary hills (wrecking and injuring himself), they ate ice cream at 2 in the morning, all kinds of things that annoyed her. She said now that he has passed she looks back at all those annoying things and realizes that those are the things her kids will remember forever and with fondness. She said she wished she would have relaxed  a little and been a little less prissy.
I loved this post because at times I find myself breaking the rules and letting my kids do crazy things. They swim in the nude most of the time, run around without shoes on, run up and down the street all morning and evening riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, cars, 4-wheelers, take random trips to the beach, lake, Sea World. I know there are many days when Mike will call, thinking we are at home, and we are off playing somewhere. My kids have painted their bodies with paint, swam at 6 in the morning, made cupcakes at bedtime, gone on a bike ride 10 minutes after bedtime, loaded the car and driven to the RV park just to play, dressed in costumes and gone to the store, filled a baby pool in the house, we bought stinking chickens on a whim so they could have a pet! I hope that I am making memories and they will be grateful later. I am sure the neighbors think I let my children run wild. At least I am out supervising the wildness! I am grateful for a husband that supports me! Sometimes I get a big sigh and an eye roll from him but he always gives me his full support and usually helps me complete my hair brained ideas.
The point to this post was to remind everyone to RELAX every once in awhile and enjoy the spontaneity of life- make memorable memories.  Having my kids start school has been hard on mom! I have to follow a schedule and I have to plan our activities around school. It has been a challenge but we are adapting.
I do feel the need to clarify here. I am a schedule keeper. My kids still nap, we eat dinner around 5:00, we go for bike rides at 8:00 am on Mon, Wed, Fri, and some Saturday. I yell, and make my kids clean, I make them help. Life isn't always fun and games at my house. But I do know the value of letting go at times and letting them miss a nap or skipping dinner time, or running away for the day.

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