Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Saturdays

One Saturday morning after our morning bike ride/run, Jaileigh went to the neighbors and the neighbor boy (Sammy) came to our house. So for the morning I had 4 boys and a girl. I had a lot of entertaining to do to keep them out of trouble. We painted, played with play doh, jumped on the trampoline, swam, played trains, animals, legos, guns, rode bikes, it was exhausting!
Jakob and Michael painting with water colors. I usually do finger paints but did water colors today and they loved it.

Annie and Sammy.
Jake- I have to say that he is the most artistic one of the bunch.
After naps we tried to fly our kites.


Anthony and Annie
Michael taking a time out and reading.

Anthony, Jaileigh, and Annie
(we were pet sitting Dakota)
If you look real close you can see Jake, Anthony and Annie running with their kites.

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