Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sea World and Turkey Legs

We went to Sea World a couple of days before school started. The kids love it here and love going to the beach after.
Petting the miniature horse.
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Annie, Jakob
Petting the sea urchins, sand dollars and the starfish.
Jaileigh, Jakob, Michael and Anthony behind peeking over.
Jaileigh and Anthony
Madagascar Live! Sea Worlds new show was a hit! It;s in an indoor theater so we had air conditioning for 20 minutes!  On the way in to the show a guy knocked Jake into a cement fence causing him to hit his head. I picked him up, made sure he wasn't bleeding and continued walking. Within seconds there was a Sea World employee asking if he need a medic to look at him and if they could do anything. I don't know if they saw it happen on camera somewhere or how he got there so quickly! I was pretty impressed with their promptness. Jake was fine just a little stunned.
Michael waiting for the show.
Anthony is so excited!
Michael was eating his fingers he was so excited! He loves Madagascar!
Annie got into the sunscreen!
Jaileigh dancing to the music.
Jake and his string cheese.
There was a live band that was really good and they were so cute with all the kids.

We went to the water park and I put their swim suits on. It was so hard watching all 5 of them because there were schools there too. After the water park we were leaving and the kids wanted a turkey leg. They saw someone eating one earlier and had bugged me all day for one.

Michael was disgusted by it. He usually loves fried chicken so I was a little surprised.
After we left the kids fell asleep in the car. I got to the beach, found a spot, and the kids wouldn't wake up!

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