Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Days Of School Comments

I was sitting on the floor looking for a puzzle for Jaileigh in the butler pantry cupboard. She was standing next to me watching when Anthony walked up to her. He walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her in a hug and whispered in her ear, "Jaileigh what are we going to do if Ms Trunchbull is at school today?"

As we were walking towards the kids classroom I asked them if they were ready. Jake was holding my hand and he said, "Mom, I don't think I am ready." I said, "Oh no, did you forget to do something? What do we need to do?"  He thought for a few seconds and said, "I'm ready now."
Jake was sitting on the counter while I was folding clothes after school. I asked him, "Jake were you happy at school."  "Yes" he answered. 
"Jake, were you ever sad?"
"Mom, I almost cried once but I didn't let the tears come out."
"Why were you sad?"
"Because I wanted to come home."
Michael- "Mom, there is another Michael in my class. He is just Mike. He is really naughty at school."
Me "Ohhh, what does he do?"
Michael "He just doesn't listen to the teacher and then he has to sit in time out."
Me "Are you naughty at school?"
Michael "NO!!"
As I was walking the kids to the car the boys, in unison, told me that they really liked the girl in their class with short hair and she was their friend. I let them in and was walking around the car and saw one of the other moms, I noticed her daughter had short hair. We had talked a little the day before so she knew we had the 4 kids. She said, "My daughter just told me she really likes your three boys." I laughed and told her they had just told me that they really liked the girl with the short hair.
In the car I asked them about the little girl. They didn't know her name. Anthony said she wasn't going to marry him but she really liked him. I asked him if he asked her to marry him and he said no. Jakob and Michael and Jaileigh both said she liked them too. Jakob said that she didn't sit by Michael though. Michael said it was because he was too far away from her.
These little conversations are so funny! I would love to be a fly on the wall in that classroom!
After pick up on Thursday the teacher told me she appreciated that I gave the boys all different hairstyles. I just smiled as I thought, they have different eye colors/shapes, hair color, face shapes, mouths, shoes, belts, etc and she picked hairstyle!
Friday after pick up she said, "Your kids really don't hang out together, that's really good.They socialize with everyone."
Yep, they are pretty well adjusted and independent of each other which is why I was comfortable keeping them together.
On Friday the boys informed me that they all took care of Jaileigh and made sure she got a turn on the bikes at recess. Anthony told me that he didn't take care of her. Jake and Michael both jumped in and said that they DID!
Jaileigh seems to be having the hardest time being excited about school. I know that she likes it but she thinks she is missing out on things at home because Annie tells her everything that she does. Friday morning I asked her if she was excited to go to school and she said no and started whining that she didn't want to go. I asked her if she would like to go on a bike ride and she said NO. I asked why and she said because she might be late for kindergarten and she didn't want to miss it or be late.
As I was making lunches Jake told me he needed two ice packs in his lunch. I asked why and he said it was for his friend. His friend didn't have ice packs and really wanted one. He told Jake if he brought one for him that he would give something to Jake.
The lunch trading has begun!
When I dropped the kids off this morning I heard another student ask the boys if they were twins. I didn't hear a response so later that day I asked them if someone asked them if they were twins. I was talking to Anthony and he said yes someone did but he seemed confused as to what it meant. I said, "Did you tell them you were quads?" He still seemed confused so I told him that he could just tell people that he had brothers and a sister in class. I really haven't explained to them that they are quads or what quads are so as far as they know they are just siblings.
Jake and Michael were very upset after the first day of school because their teacher did not teach them to read and write already!

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