Friday, August 9, 2013

Fab Four Birthday Morning

Growing up we always opened presents in the morning and ate our birthday cake for breakfast. Mike grew up with different traditions and it has taken me 5 years to convert him to my way of thinking, or for me to get it together enough to pull off my traditions. For the fab fours 5th birthday we finally did presents and cake in the morning. This was even more of a task because we were out of town until Sunday, the day before their birthday. We did all of their birthday shopping on our trip to Utah and Sunday afternoon (sinners I know!) Mike took the kids to Albertsons to pick out their cakes. After the gym Monday morning, I picked up their cakes. We pulled it off though!

Jaileigh working on her presents.
The boys- Jake, Michael and Anthony
This was the first year that the boys didn't get all the same gifts. We individually shopped for each of them. They usually all want the same thing but this year they each had their own lists. We did have a few scuffles but we told them they had to share their cool toys.
Annie gave Jaileigh make-up.
Mike took Annie shopping in Park City and she picked each of the other kids out a birthday present. She was so proud of her gifts.
Jaileigh was happy!

Jaileigh and Jake

Annie got a little present too.
Mike let them each pick out their own cake. Jake only wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting on it. Mike had the bakery put a car on it and he was pleased. His cake turned out the best and everyone wanted to eat it.
Jaileigh picked out the Little Mermaid.
Michael picked out Spiderman but he really wanted Superman. They didn't have Superman so he made do with Spidey.
Anthony's cake picture didn't turn out. He wasn't happy because he didn't get the right Spiderman. He didn't want the Spiderman like Michael's, he wanted the other one.
My big 5 year olds! Sniff, sniff!
Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh and Jake
(they are not in birth order but their cakes are. Michael and Anthony are switched.)

We sang "Happy Birthday" to each of them individually and let them each blow their candles out.



My little princess, Jaileigh.

Annie was so cute not to get jealous. She was happy for everyone!
Jaileigh and Jake
Michael and Anthony
My little Annie.
We went over to the neighbors and played in the water, jumped on the trampoline and played with water balloons.  I bought water balloons for them to play with because they love them! Today they were sticking them in the underwear and then trying to pop them on the trampoline. They thought it was hilarious!

We came to our house and snacked and swam in the pool. I think I put the Shark jumper up and let them play on that too.
Doing a little yoga . . .
Grape mouth Jake!
Jaileigh and her two grapes.
Happy Birthday babies!

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