Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sheep, Sheep, Sheep

The sheep are back. I have since learned that the sheep owners pay the land owners to let the sheep graze on their land. Pretty nice deal for both owners because it's a lot cheaper than buying feed and the landowners get their weeds cleared! We rode our bikes over to see them one evening. Please excuse the array of dress my kdis are in. We just live around the corner from this field so I wasn't too concerned with them being presentable.

The sheep are behind the kids (all the dust)

Jaileigh was being such a ham!

Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, Jakob
Another silly one. The dust in the back is from the sheep.
The kids starting collecting sticks for their "fire pit".
Anthony was sitting on his pile of sticks so they wouldn't get used by anyone else.
My silly girls- Jaileigh and Annie

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