Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pop Warner Kickoff Fun

My friend invited our family to come to the local Pop Warner kickoff. There were about 10 different jumpers set up for the kids and close to 75 vendors. It was so organized. She had volunteer youth running each jumper so that people had to wait in lines. I was very impressed that the teenagers volunteering were so responsible and polite! My kids had a blast!
Waiting in line for the first time.
The climbing wall.
Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, Annie is behind Anthony

Annie, Michael and Jaileigh- almost to the top.
Jakob and Annie

This jumper was so funny. She was tied up to someone on the other side and they had to pull against each other to try to make a basket in the hoop. The cute kid working helped pull her each time.

We shut the place down. At the end we fed the kids a second dinner of street tacos. I bought the kids 1 each and they ended up eating 3 each. Mike and I had to go back 3 times to buy more.

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