Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day Of School Pictures

Finally! I have been trying to play catch up and I have finally caught up, well sort of. Now I'm only two weeks behind instead of two months.

The kids have been so excited to start school. I told them when they turned 5 they would start transitional kindergarten so on July 29th they were ready! They asked everyday when school was going to start because they were 5!

We were lucky enough to get in to our schools Transitional Kindergarten program. It is a 2 year kindergarten program for the kids that are too young for regular kindergarten but turn 5 by the end of the calendar year (December).

Jakob and Jaileigh
Hannah (neighbor friend) wanted to be in the pictures too!
Michael and Annie with Hannah
Michael and Annie
Jakob, Jaileigh and Anthony
Jakob, Jaileigh, Anthony, Hannah, Michael and Annie

At the school. This is the same school we went to speech for the boys at last year. They were already familiar with it and were so excited to be back and to actually be students there!
Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, Jakob and Annie

The parents got to go in with them the first couple of days.
Michael getting his name tag ready.
Jakob picked a chicken name tag.
Anthony picked a horse.

Michael picked the elephant.
Jaileigh picked a duck.
The teacher had stations set up at each table for the kids to play with while she talked to the parents.
This is a great picture! You can see their teacher talking (Mrs Sanchez), Anthony's girlfriend (Adalia) is on the back table with her mom, and Anthony is holding up his creation and saying "Mom look I made a GUN!" Yep, first day of school we made our mark!

Mrs. Sanchez talked for about 20 minutes and then excused us. My kids waved and said "Bye". No tears, they were so excited!

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