Monday, August 5, 2013

24th of July Rodeo

On Friday night (the 26th) we went to the Rodeo. That day I told the kids that we were going to the Rodeo again. One of them, I think Jake, said "Mom, I really don't want to watch people fall off of bulls again." Hahahaha!
Annie and her cousin, Taylor.
Annie loved all the little babies.
Jaileigh and Jake
My cousin, Katie was Rodeo Queen.
Michael, Annie, Jake getting a better view.
Anthony joined them.
My cousin Thomas is a twin. They are fraternal twins. It think he and Anthony look very similar. You can tell they are related!
Thomas and Anthony

Before the rodeo started they had a bunch of jumpers set up. The kids loved them!
The big kids were so cute with Annie. They always made sure someone held her hand while she went down.
Jake and Annie
Look at the joy!
Oh my goodness!
Michael, Jaileigh and Anthony
Look at Jaileigh's face!
I put this on here so you could see Michael squeezing in line. He is pushing the big kid in the red shirt out of the way.
Annie after face planting at the bottom.
The clown made the rounds in the crowd and gave everyone high fives.

Annie playing with another baby.
That was it for our trip to Park City. The next morning we left at 4:00 and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's in St. George.

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