Saturday, August 3, 2013

Evening Parade and BBQ

The evening parade started at 5. The kids really knew what was going on and were ready to collect candy and wave at all floats.

Jaileigh and Anthony
Jake and Anthony

After the parade hanging out on Grandma's porch.
Showing Aunt Nancy their candy.

My Uncle Brent let Mike ride his motorcycle. Mike was in heaven!
He took all the kids on a little ride, up and down the street.
At my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Emery's house we had a BBQ.
Jake swinging like a crazy man on the rope swing.

Some of my cousins.
Mike and Uncle Brent
Jake again.
More cousins.

Jordan and Doug
My Aunt Linda and her son Benjy.

My mom taking care of Annie.
My cousin Benjy.
With his beautiful wife, Jen.
My cousin Adam and his wife, Inga. She is from Australia and has a really cool accent!
My cousin Christy with her niece, Ellie.
My cousin Jordan
Sisters Autumn and Christy (my cousins)

 My cousins wife, Ana and my Aunt Teresa
Annie swinging with daddy.

My Uncle Emery- the host
My Mom and her sister, Brenda (also the hostess).
She is quite entertaining! Love her!
My cousin, Sunny and her hubby, James.
My cousins wife, Susannah, Josh, and my cousin Sunny's daughter, Hannah.
My cousin Jordan's baby
My little superman, Michael.
Annie lounging in the tire swing.

My cousin's daughter Phebe. She is the cream of an oreo in her family. She has older twin brothers and a younger twin brother and sister.
My kids with their cousins.


A rare pictures of Mike and I

This is my mom with 2 of her 4 sisters.
Mom, Linda and Brenda

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