Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Chickens and Dairy Time

Daddy has been out of town this week. I say that tongue-in-cheek because he has been in La Jolla the whole time, that is like down the street to us. He had to stay there for a work conference. Yep, I did try to fanagle our way into his motel room and for pool use but it didn't work. We had our own fun at home. One of the days we went to the dairy.

Oh and did I mention anything about our new chickens? On Monday night I took the kids to pick up our new chickens. Ever since Snowball went to chicky heaven the kids have been begging me to get more. We picked up 5 more so now we have 10 chickens! We are lucky our neighbors are so nice! I wish I would have taken pictures the night we got the chickens. The lady we bought them from had a ton of animals and she let the kids pet them and visit all of them. She said they could come back anytime to play. When we got home it was after 9:30 (my kids go to bed around 8 so it was late!) and I still had to clip the chickens wings. The kids stood around while I sat on the porch and cut each of the new 5 birds wings. Then we put them in their new chicken coop and went to bed. The chickens love it here and the old chickens didn't try to do the whole pecking order thing that Snowball used to do. They accepted the new ones right away. Phew!

Back to the dairy . . .

Michael washing his hands so we could get a treat.
Anthony and Jaileigh feeding the goat.

Jake- notice how he cut his hair. He and Anthony did this during preschool. They went and hid in the kitchen and cut their hair. I can't tell where Anthony cut his hair but Jake did a pretty good whack job.
This is how I hide it- the side sweep.
Eating their ice cream.
Jaileigh, Annie and Michael
Jake and Anthony
Anthony and Jake
The whole gang.
Mike got the quads these Italia soccer jerseys when he went to New York for work one time. Annie wasn't born yet so she doesn't have one.

My messy boy- Anthony
She dressed herself . . .
"Mom, the goat tried to eat my ice cream!"
They had so much fun! Love the dairy!

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