Friday, May 31, 2013

Annie's Birthday Camping Party

For Annie's birthday camping trip we went to Idyllwild. It was an hour drive from our house.  We have never been to this campground. We have been to a couple of other ones around Idyllwild but this one was new. Mike opted for us to stay in the cabins there. It was a fun adventure. I teased that our RV was bigger than the cabin. It was really fun there and we will definitely go back. I would like to take the kids up this summer for a week or two.

Annie looking at the lake.
That day they had just stocked the lake. I counted 21 dead fish. The workers said that they always lose some fish on the drive up the mountain, the altitude really messes with them. The kids were really interested in the dead fish.
Poking the fish with a stick.
Lichen, maybe?
Boulder climbing

Jake and Anthony
Anthony and Michael


That first evening they had so much fun. We went on a really long walk to find the swimming pool. The kids got so tired they sat in the road to rest. Since we were in the mountains everything was up a hill.

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