Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rori's Baccalaureate Celebration

Thank goodness for my brother and my dad for taking pictures of the big graduation. We are so proud of Rori! She graduated from Dixie State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

The proud graduate.
The proud mamma and papa
Proud Grandma (paternal)
Aunt Julie (my dad's sister) and Rori

Posing in the "D"
My younger brother with his youngest baby.
There she is.
Nephews Major and Legend

Rori with our brothers family.
Rori and mom
Mom and Dad with Rori again

Grandma, Rori and Julie

Such a cute picture of grandpa with his youngest grandbaby.


After the ceremonies we met the family for pictures and lunch.
My little Annie
Rori and I
Siblings with all the grandbabies
A rare picture of the three of us. Rori and I had on high heels- Andy is just a giant!
The whole family!!
Congratulations Rori! We are so proud of you and excited for your next step in life! She will be attending law school in Idaho in the fall.

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