Thursday, May 30, 2013

Annie''s Birthday Continued . . . .

Mike took Annie to the store last week and let her pick out her birthday cake. He let her choose any cake she wanted and she picked the little, tiny smash cake. It was so cute. Everyday she asked if her cake was going to be ready. She really, really wanted that cake. She was so excited when she saw it on the counter.

Jaileigh was "helping".

Silly Michael
Lighting the candles.

She was so excited and happy!
We were going to go to dinner, she wanted Texas Roadhouse, but our friends were over so long that I sent Mike to just pick it up. The kids all love the rolls and peanuts and the meat. We swam, ate dinner and then ate cake and then swam some more.

The happy birthday girl with her mama.
(that face is so adorable, I couldn't stop kissing it.)

We finally went in when it was dark and headed to bed. Her birthday request was to go camping. I gave her the choice of Disneyland, birthday party, Sea World, beach, or camping. We were watching our friends dog so we couldn't go until the weekend. She is such a funny girl.  
Happy Birthday Annie Grace!!

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