Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Annie!

I can't believe that my sweet little baby is now three years old! I woke up at 1:00 am last night and remembered that exactly 3 years ago my contractions had officially started. I waited until 6 to get Mike up and then we called Gina to come watch the tribe. I still remember her telling me that the boys locked themselves in the guest bedroom and she couldn't get the door open. I think they finally opened it on their own.  She had a rough beginning, emergency C-section due to my blood pressure dropping and the cord wrapped around her neck twice and she was a complete SURPRISE to us! I can't imagine life without her and if I had to sum her up in one word it would be JOY!!!!! She has brought pure joy to our lives. I love this little girl. Our lives would be quite dull without her spunky personality and bright smile. We are so grateful for you ANNIE GRACE!  I think she gets her spunkiness from her namesake, Grandma Dolores Ann. They would be quite the pair if we got them together.

Annie was the last one to wake up on her birthday. The kids were so excited to give her her presents. They kept checking on her every 30 seconds and I'm sure one of them poked her awake.
The kids all made her birthday cards, with daddies help. Last night she and I ran an errand so they could make them secretly.
Michael (he won't let me cut his hair and it's driving me nuts!)

I love her hand motions in this one. She kept telling the kids they could open her presents. I had to intervene and make them give them to her.
I have never met a child that shares as much as she does. All of her birthday gifts she shared right away. In face, I think she gave all of her new clothes and swim suits to Jaileigh. Everything she had she shared and gave away. I had to make the kids give her presents back. She is such a sweet heart.
My baby and her crazy bed head.
She has the craziest hair! Jaileigh and Jake's curls grew out as their hair grew. Her hair just gets curlier and curlier. She refuses to let me do anything to it. She does allow me to put oil in it every once in awhile.

Birthday breakfast. She loves eggs so that is what we had.
She will eat eggs 3 meals a day and for snack time.

We sang Happy Birthday to her and put candles in her eggs.
The kids had preschool so Annie and I went shopping. I let her pick out a couple of gifts for herself. She picked a bag of Cheetos's and a shower poof. Hahahahaha! When we picked the kids up she wanted to go eat at a "store". It took me a second to realize she meant a restaurant. We went to Miguel Jr's and we ate taquitoes and quesadillas with lemonaide.
We went home and they ran straight to the neighbors house. She opened her presents from them and then it was naptime. During naptime I blew up a cooler full of water balloons. Then they had a water balloon fight and I didn't get one picture of Annie!

Jaileigh carrying a hot dog balloon.
The boys threw a water balloon and her and it popped her hot dog balloon. She was so mad and it got her so wet!
We sang Happy Birthday again and had princess cupcakes.
The birthday girl and her pink tongue.

After cupcakes they swam in the pool.

more to come . . . . .

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