Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Shoes and Park Play

Today was quite the day. Anthony had a dentist appointment. We were supposed to be home this morning for preschool but never made it because the kids had been sick. Anthony missed his appointment Tuesday so the dentist rescheduled for today, Wednesday. I have been waiting on pins and needles for the other 2 kids to get the pukes. Rori took two of the kids for me while I went to the dentist with Anthony. She was so sweet and took them shopping. She bought them new shoes. When the other 3 found out the were quite put out and requested that she take them shopping too!

After naps we went down to the park.

Michael- I asked this kid so many times if his stomach hurt that he started yelling at me that his stomach did NOT hurt!

My sweet sister! Not only did she take all of my kids shopping for new shoes, she took them shopping for mothers day gifts for me. She is the sweetest thing ever! I love this girl!
There are 4 kids here- Jaileigh and Annie, Jake and Michael
No fear, my kids have no fear at all.
My kids love taking pictures with my camera. The rest of these pictures were taken by the kids.
Me, Michael and Rori
Then Anthony joined us.

Jaileigh and Michael
All the girls.

Michael wanted me to take a picture of him.
Another storm moving in.
Sisters- we get asked if we are twins all the time. Rori gets offended but I secretly love it. I personally don't think we look like twins at all. I guess we look more like twins than my kids look like identicals though. I get that question all the time too and have to try really hard not to roll my eyes at people.

Typical Jake! He rarely shows his true personality on camera.
Annie, Rori, Michael

Thanks to my kids for the fun pictures!
Two of the shoes Rori bought for the kids. These are Jaileigh and Michaels feet.
The "stare down". New kids showed up at the park.
So . . . . after playing at the park my mom and I were going to the temple. Rori was babysitting, my dad took Jake to scouts with him. My mom and I were running a little late. We couldn't find her recommend so we pulled over to find it. We found it and zoomed off. We were almost there and all of a sudden I felt really, really sick! In a matter of seconds I was puking out the window. I barely got it rolled down before the barf started coming out. I threw up two more times before my mom was able to pull over. It was so disgusting. People were swerving around us to get away from me! Well, we didn't make it to the temple and my other two kids plus Rori got sick that night. It was NOT a fun night. I was throwing up and trying to catch the other two kids throw up in buckets. Blah! Thankfully, it was just two and not five throwing up.
My mom went to school the next day and the lady she works with told her a story about a lady throwing up out her car window the previous night! My mom laughed and told her it was me!

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