Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

We did some gardening on Memorial Day.

I love this picture of Mike and the kids. It's hard to see but he is talking with his hands (like a true Italian) and the kids are all intently listening.
The city was holding a Memorial Day celebration and the park so I thought we should take the kids. I tried to explain what Memorial Day was to them. Pretty hard considering their age. They really liked all the soldiers at the park. They kept asking if they were good soldiers or bad ones.
Anthony and Michael

Sammy came too.
We took over the swings.
"Puhlease MOM, can I climb the tree!!!!!?????"
Look at that happy face.
Can I climb too?
Miss Menifee was handing out cupcakes and there was a free jumper.
Jaileigh and Sammy
Annie with her mouth full of cupcake.


It was a fun day.

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