Monday, May 6, 2013

Food, Nap, Food, Cousin Play

After Rori's graduation, Grandma and Grandpa took everyone to the Chuck-A-Rama for lunch It's the perfect place for kids to eat because there is such a huge selection.

Somehow Rori got stuck in the little kid booth. She was sitting in it with all 7 of her neices and nephews. I think the fact that she brought over a blue icee and let the kids go to town on it may have been the deciding factor on where everyone was going to sit.

Everyone came over to Grandma's and Grandpa's for dinner and playtime after naps.
Grandpa bought all of the boys pocket knives with their names engraved.
After dinner and knives everyone went outside to play.

Jaileigh catching a ride with Legend.
I love Jake's little stinker grin.
Michael can ride a regular bike without training wheels but still prefers to ride his stryder bike. I think he is still a little scared.
Jaileigh has always loved her Uncle Andy. They must have been buddies in heaven.

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