Saturday, May 4, 2013

Splash Pad and Toads

After our bike ride by the river we went to a splash pad park. to cool off.

Anthony- monkey #1
Jake and Michael- monkey's #2 and #3
Monkey #4- Jaileigh relaxing
And monkey #5 Annie playing on the skateboard ramp.
This was a swinging teeter totter.
Michael and Jake
I love Jaileigh's face.
Jaileigh and Anthony
Jake- my little skater boy.
They were having so much fun at the park, I had to make them play in the water part.

The kids got cold really fast.
Jake and Michael
Funny story- I heard these older girls screaming near the splash pad. I looked over and they were all standing around something.  Then I see Jaileigh marching over to see what was going on. She says, "Oh a toad" bends over, picks it up and brings it over to me. All my kids then fought over holding it while all the other kids stared. I was so proud  of my little girl. You could tell that my kids had a nerdy science teacher mom! Michael even explained to everyone why it was a toad and not a frog.
Jaileigh, Anthony holding the toad and Michael 

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