Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Horse Rides & Hay Bales

Grandma announced that she was taking the girls shopping and left the boys and I alone on Saturday morning. She was taking them to buy a prize because they didn't get pocket knives when the boys did. Grandpa and I decided to take them over to see the horses so everyone was happy! The girls weren't too happy when they found out though. They wanted to do both!

Anthony and Jake petting the goat.
Trying to pet the horse.

Following Grandpa. Jake is veering off to the left because he saw the chicken coop.
Anthony riding first.
Jake was so excited to feed the horse.

Michael's turn.

Then Jake went.

They decided to climb the hay bales.
I gave them "ropes" so they could practice lassoing.

My dads friend built a batting cage so Jake had to try it out.
Then they had to play on the swings.

The girls found out where we were and made grandma drive them over.

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