Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Again

We left St. George Thursday evening. After a long night of throw ups and a day without any I thought we would be safe to go. I had to be home for a meeting at 8:30 Friday morning. We stayed at Joe's house Thursday night. He treated us to the buffet again and then we went to his house a played in the yard. I'm sure his neighbors thought he was crazy having all those little kids over. Kathy was in Chicago so we missed seeing her. We left Friday morning at 4:00 and I was able to make it in time for my meeting.

Their neighbor friend, Sammy, was so excited to see the kids! He came over as soon as the kids got out of the car.  He really missed his friends and they really missed him.

Playing on the shark with Sammy.
This little girl is turning 3 soon. I can't believe she has been with us 3 years already.

Wearing the boys underwear because that was all I could find in the dryer after she finished swimming.

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