Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to the best daddy in the world!

Let Me Count The Ways That I Love You

He is my handsome knight in shining armor!
He still makes me feel young and beautiful.
He buys me cute clothes.
He gets up in the mornings, changes diapers, does dishes, makes breakfast, and then gets ready for work.
He changes poopy diapers without complaining.
He buys the most thoughtful gifts.
He loves his family.
He has a family picture as the wallpaper of his work computer and shows it off.
He will call to see how the kids are doing.
He gets excited about new toys just like the kids.
He reads to his babies.
He worries about them.
He randomly comes home during the day just to play with the kids and give mommy a break.
He fixes things.
He does Jaileighs hair.
He plans date nights.
He watches Barney and Sesame Street even when the World Series is on.
He takes the quads on daddy dates.
He came up with do-do (doughnut) Saturdays.
He plays ball with them with the hopes that they will be athletes but even if they aren't he won't be disappointed.
He lets the quads use his toothbrush and some morning he just plain can't brush his teeth. I am hoping that he has one in his car.
He is already planning for college.
Everyday he comes home from work and immediately starts playing with kids. He lets them help him take his tie and belt upstairs. He doesn't stop playing until bedtime. . .
. . . and then he even gets up at night with them

He goes to church with everyone even when the kids are crazy wild!
He still manages to find time to exercise.
He lets the kids play with his cell phone even though he knows it may not work the next time he gets it back.
He loves planning family vacations.
Sometimes he lets me be right, even if I'm wrong.
He wants to go to Disneyland everyday.
He talked his hairdresser into coming to our house and doing my hair.
He has given up his golf career in pursuit of a daddy career.
He has given up his beloved Chicago for Sunny California so that I can stay away from the cold.
He is 100% Italian
He loves anything from Chicago except the White Sox
He is very loyal.
He defends his little chunky monkey and says she isn't fat.
He loves me!

Happy Birthday to my hunny.
Daddy and the boys- Jake, Anthony, and Michael

Playing in the leaves

Our sweet miracle caboose

The whole family

All photos were taken by Allison Hays Photography

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Andrea said...

That was such an amazing post, and made me think of all the ways I am lucky to have my husband. God Bless you and your family always...