Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween landed on a Sunday this year we celebrated it on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we went to church and then spent the rest of the day playing as a family.

In the afternoon we decorated pumpkins. I got out the fingerpaints and let the kids do their thing.

Jakob enjoyed it despite what his face says.

Michael refuses to get his hands dirty so he required a spoon to use.

Anthony painted with one or two fingers and then wanted a towel to clean his fingers off.

Jaileigh is my most adventurous she dove right in and kept requesting "mo-mo" (more).

After they painted I got out the craft stuff. The kids squeezed glue all over their pumpkins and then I let them stick things on. The best purchase ever was a craft kit from WalMart for $8. It had a TON of things in it and I still have some left for another day.

Michael dumped the whole bottle of sprinkles on his pumpkin. Here he is trying to figure out what to do with all the extras.

Anthony had so much fun!

He wouldn't let go of his glue bottle. After we were all finished with everything I found him hiding under the table with it trying to get the lid off. Silly boy!

Jaileigh- You can see what a mess she made all over her hands and chest. She didn't even care a bit.

Carefully placing her sprinkles

Jake kept eating his sprinkles (they were edible).

Next Mike and I carved pumpkins, with the help of the quads.
Michael helping clean out the insides.

Anthony enjoyed this part the most. He loved pumpkin carving.

This was too funny! Jake dropped his spoon in the pumpkin and was too chicken to get it.

So, Jaileigh got it out.

Look how excited Anthony is.

The final products.
One BIG, happy, pumpkin family

That night we went to Dana's house to say hi to her mom, Dorothy. The kids dressed up in their costumes but I didn't get any good pictures. They were really grouchy. I think it was from too many late nights. Our friends the Woodcock Quads came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood. We said hi to them, took a picture, and then went to bed. The next day the kids decided they wanted to dress up and they were much happier. Hooray! I was so sad that I didn't get a cute Halloween picture and then they decided to behave for one. So, here is the greatest picture ever!

My little zoo
Jake, Anthony, Michael, and Jaileigh

Jaileigh doing her monkey impersonation.

Thank goodness Halloween is over. Hope yours was as great as ours.

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