Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wild Animal Park With Our Friends

We went on a playdate with our triplet friends the Fiores. The WAP (Wild Animal Park) is 2 hours away from our current house. This was my first attempt at a trip to the WAP and a 2 hour drive all alone. Usually Mike is with me and we stay over in our RV. Mike surprised us and spent the afternoon at the park with us. Our kids love animals and get so excited when they see real ones. They get really excited and make all the animal noises.
Checking out the flamingos
Mike with Jaileigh, Anthony, and Michael in the choo-choo and Jakob in the stroller.

The Fiores have a Choo-Choo too. We were quite the spectacle at the zoo.
Michael is crying here because he wanted out to pet the flamingos.

Audrina was so brave. She walked right up to the deer and petted it.

Jakob looking at the animals in the Petting Kraal

Michael and Jaileigh hanging on daddy. Jaileigh never got down from her post but Michael eventually did.

Ali holding Anthony, Andrew, Aiden, Audrina, and Michael

Michael getting brave

Michael proud of himself

We went to a play area in the park. It had this tunnel that the kids loved and the parents hated because it went to a different part. I didn't like seeing my kids for a little bit. We got smart and sent Alison over on the otherside. She is the triplets older sister and the best helper ever!


Jakey and his cheesy grin

Alison and Jaileigh


Annie and her daddy

Lunch break- Jakey and his apple

Anthony showing his muscles off

Daddy, Michael, and Annie

Michael and Anthony (I think)

We went on theAfrican Safari tram ride again. This time the kids did much better. Its amazing how much they mature in 2 months. This time they were actually able to find and see the animals. Jaileigh had a meltdown towards the end but I'm thinking that the no-nap factor could have had something to do with it.

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