Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving Day 2

Day 2 of moving day was loading and unloading. After breakfast we headed over to the church with our friend Caroline and played in the gym for an hour or so. The kids had so much fun and I'm sad I didn't take any pictures. That afternoon we headed over to Kari's house to stay. We slept over there that night and then headed to our new house the next morning.

With Kari going on our daily walk

Jaileigh and her cell phone. I am in trouble when she is a teenager.

Anthony pulling, Jake riding, and Jaileigh pushing

Jaileigh on her phone again

Anthony and Jaileigh with their phones

Jaileigh and Anthony

Jaileigh and Jake


Michael and Anthony

Jake and Jaileigh with their phones

Making breakfast with Kari. These kids get away with everything at Kari's house!
Anthony and Jake

A HUGE thank you to the Dunkley's for letting us stay in their home. Kicking you out of your bed, taking over every square inch (except Jack's space). Thank you!

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