Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Here are our pictures from our picture day. I had Rori snapping pictures alongside our photographer. I think she did a great job!

The babies, all 5!
Jaileigh, Anthony and Annie, Michael, and Jakob

Family photo
Mike holding Jake and Michael, Amber holding Annie and Jaileigh, Anthony holding my knee

Grandpa chasing Jakey

Jakey, Grandpa and Anthony

Playing in the leaves

Jake and Jaileigh


Jake and the Secret Garden wall

Michael and his tree

Annie was big enough to sit alone

Trying to get the kids in the tree

Love this picture. I hope she can photoshop Grandpa's legs out :)
Annie/Amber, Jaileigh, Jakob, Michael, Anthony, and Mike

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.


Kari said...

Love the pictures! I am envious that you are able to get good family pics!

Bobbi Simkins said...

such a cute family!

Marci said...

I love seeing Annie in your arms because she looks like a regular, squishy baby! Next to the quads (even tho they are big kids now) she looks like such a BIG baby!! Hope you had a happy birthday, sorry I didn't get a phone call out... life is running me ragged lately. hmmm, guess that doesn't fly with you, does it? :) Miss and love you lots!